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Here Be Dragons

Hi, folks. I have written a novel titled Here Be Dragons, a romantic historical mystery, that should be appealing to anyone who likes that deal with those areas.

My book deals with the difficulties of a young woman named Jessalyn Kirke. Jessalyn believes herself to be the daughter of an English tenant farmer and a woman who was the former governess of the children of the Duke of Bennington. When Jessalyn’s brother, Jamie, is arrested for robbing the duke, she tries to save him in the best way she knows. She fails, but she learns that the duke is her real father. Her brother is hanged, and Jessalyn takes the money he has stolen and flees on the first ship she can find, headed for Trinidad. She has a difficult trip; when the captain fails in his attempt to seduce her, he throws her into the hold.

The rest of the story is purposeful: Jessalyn is married, a marriage of convenience, to Dominick Reynolds, a wealthy plantation owner on Tobago. She is threatened with death several times, and death does indeed come to Alida Fitzhugh, who would have married him, had she been able. Alida is murdered. Jessalyn is threatened with murder several times.

The face is, this book is one I hope that women will read and take to heart. I hope also that men will read it, with the notion of considering how helpless women can be when their lives are threatened and they have no recourse.

I like to tell a good story, and hope this is a good story. Those who have read it have liked it very much. Even though I meant it as a book for women, the men who have read it have been very taken by it. One wanted me to write a prequel and a sequel.

I invite you to read this book, and I hope you love it as much as those who have read it.